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70% Dark chocolate mousse

Health cake

Dark chcocolate almond rocks

Gluten free  sorghum based cake. Sweetened with organic jaggery, raisins and carrot with a mix of healthy assorted dry fruits.
70% textured chocolate mousse.
Roasted almonds coated with 70% dark chocolate.


Healthy Treats

INR 1500/-

INR 2000/-

INR 2,500/- (1 kg)

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Nutty Trail


A natural and healthy trail mix with a medley of almonds, walnuts, cashews and much more!
A perfect munching snack. Prepared with toasted oats, dried berries, nuts and coated with date/maple syrup.

INR 280/-(100gms)

INR 500/- (250gms)

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